Using of mac driver completely breaks tablets support?

Ken Thomases ken at
Wed Jun 12 11:35:07 CDT 2013


On Jun 12, 2013, at 10:47 AM, Andrey Upadyshev wrote:

> I've installed a Wine 1.5.31 instead of 1.4.smthng and found that tablets
> support is broken. Some research gives me that wintab32 DLL fails to init
> because winemac driver doesn't implement tablet related functions
> (LoadTabletInfo etc) unlike x11 driver.
> I'm a Wine newcomer so probably I get something wrong about it...

No, you're correct.  The Mac driver does not yet support tablet input devices.

> How can I switch back to x11 driver?

In the registry, set the following:


Some of the basics of how to do that (although not this specific thing) are documented at <>.


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