Call for help with the new WineTestBot

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Jun 16 01:55:39 CDT 2013

So while the translators are busy updating Wine's translations, what 
better time than a freeze for developers to fix Wine's conformance 
tests, particularly on the new WineTestBot:

It does not have as many VMs as the old one but it does have some 
interesting new configurations:
 * Two Windows 8 VMs: 32 and 64 bits. These have a lot of failures.
 * A Windows 7 VM with IE 10 (and one with IE 9 for comparison).
 * A Vista VM configured for Arabic, a right-to-left language.
   There's also a Japanese Windows 7 VM.
 * Two VMs with no sound card (the 64-bit Vista and Windows 2008 ones).

These new configurations have uncovered quite a few test failures. But 
the more traditional configurations have some test failures too which is 
annoying and warrants investigation to figure out what's wrong: 
otherwise there will be trouble when patches have to go through the new 

So I'm hoping some kind souls (or bored developers) will take it onto 
themselves to chime in and fix some of these test failures, or figure 
out what is causing them.

Here are some known issues:
 * Bug 24631 - listview NM_HOVER tests sometimes fail

 * Bug 33718 - comctl32:propsheet Add button test failure

 * Bug 33719 - comctl32:propsheet custom window proc test failure

You can also find test results from the new WineTestBot on the WineTest 
site: look for tags starting with 'newtb-'.

And for more information on the VMs configuration and some other known 
test failures go to this Wiki page:

Note that the VMs are missing some Windows dlls (atl100, localspl, 
msvcp100, qmgr). Information on the best way to get those is welcome.

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