comctl32: Use default GUI font as a fallback instead of a (non-existent) Arial.

Daniel Jeliński djelinski1 at
Tue Jun 18 01:21:25 CDT 2013

Hi Dmitry,
After this patch got applied, the code looks like this:
1914 if (!GetObjectW((infoPtr->hFont) ?
1915 infoPtr->hFont : GetStockObject(DEFAULT_GUI_FONT),
1916 sizeof(LOGFONTW),&logfont))
1917 GetStockObject(DEFAULT_GUI_FONT);

I'm quite sure you didn't mean to ignore return value of GetStockObject and
leave logfont uninitialized here.


(sorry for being late to the party, I'm not subscribing wine-patches, and
kind of assumed this patch wouldn't get past AJ)
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