[Wine] German translation - netstat.exe

Joerg Schiermeier news at Schiermeier-IT.de
Tue Jun 18 09:23:14 CDT 2013

Hi list,

in wines call for translators is listed one 'spelling error' in the
German translation which isn't one.

The translation is correct:

[Proto] (unchanged) 10453
 -> Porto, Proton, Photo, Protest, Protzen
is correct translated to 'Proto'. 'Proto' is used as an abbreviation
for protocol.

This appears in 'netstat.exe' (src/wine/programs/netstat).
I checked this in an 'Windows 7' installation running the original

Who is responsible for the list in
You may please take this one faulty error away.


Kindly regards
Joerg Schiermeier

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