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Mon Jun 24 02:09:23 CDT 2013

(Sorry to Hin-Tak for reposting, I didn't reply all)

Thanks for your comment, Hin-Tak. I categorized your comment as follow:
1. Difference between SC and TC:
活跃连接 - 作用中的連線
句柄 - 控制代碼 (yes I hate it but it has been used in SC for a long time)
接口 - 介面 (as in programming and network interface)
优先级 - 優先權
行 - 列
对象 - 物件

I won't change this part.

2. TC translations that I agree
paged - 已分页 - 置換頁
nonpaged - 未分页 - 非置換頁
Quoted from *Memory Pools* in MSDN[1], "*The nonpaged pool consists of
virtual memory addresses that are guaranteed to reside in physical memory
as long as the corresponding kernel objects are allocated. Thepaged pool
consists of virtual memory that can be paged in and out of the system.*"
I think 可换页 and 不可换页 are more accurate.

3. TC translations that I don't agree
Processor Affinity - 处理器关联 - 處理器親和度
>From *SetProcessAffinityMask function* in MSDN[2]: "*A process affinity
mask is a bit vector in which each bit represents a logical processor on
which the threads of the process are allowed to run*"
親和度 is directly translated from affinity. To me this word suggests that
this is a preference - a process prefers to run on the given processors,
but not limited to. Maybe that is a standard terminology in Taiwan and it's
fine. However we don't have a standard translation in Mainland China. In SC
MSDN is is translated to 关联, while in SC Win 7 it is translated to 相关性.
For now I think we can keep this translation until we come up with a better

USER Objects - 用户对象 - USER 物件
The difference between 对象 and 物件 is listed in item 1.
The question is whether we should translate USER. It's capitalized here
because it's capitalized in *GetGuiResources function*[3]. However I don't
think it has any special meaning. It's not capitalized in *User Objects*[4].
So I think we should translate it.

4. The other details
列表中没有内容 - 列表中没有条目
I don't think we have to translate entry to 条目 everywhere. The former
sounds better to me.

later version - 更高版本 - 更新版本
Yeah 更新 sounds better.

Again thanks for your review. It's too late for me now. I'll post a patch
tomorrow. Feel free to point out my mistake :)


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