[PATCH] wined3d: Implement per-stage constant in glsl fixed fonction pipeline.

Christian Costa titan.costa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 12:42:46 CDT 2013

Thanks Stefan!
No problem with me. I don't take it personnally. :)
I'm not statisfied with the submission/review with some criterias which are
sometimes rules, sometimes tastes, with patches (not necessarily mine) that
remain in the new state without any comments while another with a missing
dot would have more attention.
I live with that, I'm used to enough, but I'm wondering how newcomers that
are not paid could contribute. Fortunately there are cool guys. Not
necessary overskilled but who try to do their humble best. This is what
gives some fun for me. :)

BTW, "fonction" is the french word for "function". Probably a wrong locale.

2013/6/25 Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmail.com>

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> Am 2013-06-25 18:08, schrieb Christian Costa:
> > Are we really discussing about a typo in the subject line?
> > "Implement" just comes naturally from the fixme when I create an
> > empty patch. It turned out after coding that "Fix" is more
> > appropriate. I forgot to updated it. This will be fix.
> I think the typo Henri refers to is "fonction", which should be
> "function".
> While I agree with Henri's statement to some extend - patch reviewing
> is a terribly exhausting task - I think the statement was a bit harsh
> to say to someone who donates his personal time to the project.
> I'll try to do a better job looking at patches myself to help weed out
> the most obvious mistakes - right now he's doing all the d3d reviewing
> work.
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> 1iWx/xZ0Czy2yR3rHqJCEW0jXkV53O/Lkqbs/Nf2ue0I7vJWuhaA3Tl+P1esE3m8
> rdeRQY89SyXuvfZGtO1tPnGwsYMU/NuSoIffKkLjjWpBhScvJmcSUYOL9RuFk6Tj
> +r7zGp9niSfVO9N8JY7BTAlXTcAK9p0gKaWzAuCXYFr8gcbOaGB3kDSsbIhtHe57
> 8oWEDA9pn3tO7l1fXGZdbyfamIPyjg5boh1yHireDze9eefGHrd/WQqEu1xqVd95
> BVlFUt2nMPZoR9A0MUT3/0kbq/sfJ05ytCTZ5AlbNAO8msA0fTX58gw6UA9QXrET
> 1dpE+tjGHzN49qjcBtUmFUII6zc+m8B91Xlhplupda2v/TZv+tzQvrsMIuwRvLvP
> hTzxaZo/kFr2Pnlx8Sgk0ImNUfi9AIXpLo/h7geLgMi0kMTzkHY4qW2LGf74GNhU
> NtBgN+4Y1iFLeK6dbKIenD75MN/JGOp6eOHK53E2++RykLxJLyqCTPqplShE/Zz7
> hnt80SQTR0jYttA9KsHGE3GnqKPc8RndMnjGnMCyNhLj9Jm27te2VMGLbw4mK0yD
> C+nOcltXE3Hu3AYpzEXd
> =C1yJ
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