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Welcome again :)

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 3:11 PM, Tiger Soldier <tigersoldi at> wrote:

> This is my first time to develop WINE. Any comments/suggestions?
> [1]

Improving Rich Edit is great appreciated! Interesting, one of GSoC2013
students Jactry Zeng is planning on implementing ITextDocument as well
[1] [2]. Maybe it is a good idea to work with Jactry together, if that
doesn't violate GSoC rules - actually I don't know, hopefully Austin
English or other GSoC mentor/manager could comment on this.

If you are interesting in Rich Edit, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed :) [3]

Some of them may be good for beginner, for example this one with a
test case [4], or maybe this one [5] which has a basic diagnosis.

dlls/riched20/tests/ contains some example to show how Rich Edit api
works, play with Wine's buitin wordpad maybe a good idea as well.

Before you implementing something or debugging something, there is no
harm to learn as more example as you can from website like msdn or
codeproject. Be careful on copyright issues: never disassembling or
tracing Windows binary. For those things without public document, the
only way I know is guess and test :) (Since I know you personally, I
believe you are good at this kind of fun :p )

Once you decided to debug on an app, WINEDEBUG=+tid,+richedit may be
useful for you, also you can have a look at other debug channel [6].

I hope this helps, feel free to ask in wine-devel if you have further
questions. My experience on Wine is limited, so my suggestions maybe
not work, maybe not the best, hopefully other developers with more
experience could help you when you get in trouble :)


Qian Hong


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