Need help with a rsaenh bug

Qian Hong fracting at
Thu Jun 27 10:49:12 CDT 2013


I was investigating Bug 33898 [1] hardly and get a partial result, I
have a special test case demonstrate the behavior of Aliwangwang [2],
however, I failed to expand the special case to a common test case. My
attempting is shown in [3]. The hack in [3] works for Aliwangwang, but
the test case in [3] doesn't fully pass on Windows as I expected [4].

I'm not sure if there is an APP bug rather than Wine bug here, is it
valid to call multiple CryptDecrypt with only one CryptDeriveKey
called? If true, is it correct to assume the second CryptDecrypt call
should behavior identical as the first one?
If there is a Wine bug here, what is the right way to write a common
test case for it?

Any hints on this bug is great appreciated!

Thanks very much!


Qian Hong


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