Need help with a rsaenh bug

Qian Hong fracting at
Fri Jun 28 01:35:16 CDT 2013

Hi Daniel,

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 3:43 AM, Daniel Jeliński <djelinski1 at> wrote:
> It is definitely valid to call CryptDecrypt multiple times with the same
> key. Calls with Final = FALSE change the internal state of the key, calls
> with Final = TRUE restore the initial state. Subsequent calls with Final =
> TRUE should return the same result.
> Your testcase fails because CryptDecrypt changes the value of dwLen, which
> you do not restore before calling the function again.

Thanks a lot of the hint, with your help I finally resolve it! I've
improved my test and submit two rsaenh patches, would you mind help to
review them?

Thanks again!

Qian Hong


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