Need help with a rsaenh bug

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Fri Jun 28 10:31:27 CDT 2013

Hi Qian,

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 3:44 AM, Qian Hong <fracting at> wrote:

> Hi Daniel, new patches sent with improving from your hints, would you
> mind have a look? Thanks in advance!

nice work! These look fine to me, but a stylistic nit:
incorrect %d\n",i);

It's more in line with most C code to use !memcmp(...) instead of
memcmp(...)==0. I find it easier to scan, anyway, as I've gotten used to !
comparisons to check equality in memcmp, strcmp, and variants.

Another minor point: it's customary to set last error prior to testing it
when you expect it to have a certain value, e.g.:
+      bad_data[cTestData[i].buflen - 1] = ~bad_data[cTestData[i].buflen -
+      result = CryptDecrypt(hKey, 0, TRUE, 0, bad_data, &dwLen);
+      ok(!result, "CryptDecrypt should failed!\n");
+      ok(GetLastError() == NTE_BAD_DATA, "%08x\n", GetLastError());

Prior to the result = CryptDecrypt(hKey, ...) line, please add a
SetLastError(0xdeadbeef); that will ensure that the following comparison of
GetLastError() to NTE_BAD_DATA isn't succeeding due to an earlier failure.
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