Making wine default to the Mac Driver on OS X

Josh DuBois duboisj at
Mon Mar 4 10:10:46 CST 2013

On 3/4/13 4:28 AM, Per Johansson wrote:
> I agree that the default on mac should be mac,x11, but I don't really 
> see the reason an override can't be set in registry. Is it just 
> because registry is considered too complicated to modify?
I think one concern is not forcing people to mod the registry in order 
to run remote X.  It's true that if you're in a situation where one 
display driver flatly won't work, a requirement that one change the 
registry to switch to another is onerous because you can't run any 
graphical utility (winecfg, regedit) to change the setting in that 
case.  That's why an environment variable is useful.  Of course, if we 
have ENVVAR --> registry --> hardcoded default, you have the ability to 
control things via the registry or the environment, depending what you 
want to do.

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