user32/tests: SetWindowPos() propagates update region from WS_CLIPCHILDREN child to its children (try 3).

Sergey Guralnik serhio at
Thu Mar 7 00:49:33 CST 2013

On 2013-03-04 10:39, Sergey Guralnik wrote:
> This patch demonstrates the most interest case from previous 
> versions.
> When SetWindowPos() moves child window, that has some invalid
> area, it also invalidates children of this window according to its
> update region, even if moved window has WS_CLIPCHILDREN style.
> Wine doesn't perform this invalidation.
> One pretty large application depends on this feature, and now,
> runned under Wine, it has broken output.
> Hope this variant is more clear than all previous.

It stays queued since Monday without any reply.
Is something wrong with it?


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