WineD3D performance

Graham Knap graham.knap at
Thu Mar 14 14:07:17 CDT 2013

Hi everyone

I would like to try to help with improving the performance of
StarCraft II on Wine. I'm working with a friend. Over the past couple
of weeks, we have tried to read whatever documentation we could find.
We have tried a couple of different approaches to profiling, without
much success.

My friend got WineD3D running on Windows. We built Wine from current
source code, tested this on two different configurations, and got
similar results.

- my Core 2 E8500 + GeForce 9600GT + Windows XP x86
- his i5-2500 + GeForce 660 + Windows 7 x64

It looks like WineD3D is the cause of most of the performance
difference. Windows with its own D3D gave us at least twice the frame
rate of Windows + WineD3D. There is some difference between the
numbers for Windows + WineD3D and Linux + Wine, but it's much smaller,
i.e. something like 25%.

Can anyone offer some hints on how to find the most significant causes
of the performance difference? Any tips for effective profiling or


-- graham

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