[GSoC] My proposal for GSoC 2013

Gediminas Jakutis gediminas at varciai.lt
Thu Mar 21 05:54:28 CDT 2013

Hello again!
Thank You all for the feedback!

>There's a bit more info at

That's odd - I could've sworn this was an environment variable which
had the same limitations as using winecfg! My memory must be playing
tricks on me...
And yes, now that I tested it again, I see it really does the job.
Except for not working with steam games, but that is steam's fault,
not Wine's.

>Though you did start early, so you have plenty of time to find other ideas

Indeed... But now that I have to think of something else - what
general areas in Wine are most welcome for GSoC ideas? I Looked over
the GSoC Wine's wiki page, but I do not know how much I can trust it.
That is because after GSoC 2012, it was only edited once. And the edit
comment says:
> remove some stuff that's done (still quite a bit of cleanup left)..

Thank You for Your time!
Gediminas Jakutis

LDK Varčiai www.varciai.lt

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