comctl32: Make an attempt to update notification handle

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Wed Mar 27 00:35:58 CDT 2013

On 3/27/2013 00:10, Daniel Jeliński wrote:
> 2013/3/26 Nikolay Sivov <nsivov at>:
>> Is there any reliable way to test send mouse messages? Cause it looks like
>> if I send WM_LBUTTONDOWN directly it doesn't trigger tab selection code on
>> windows, but works in wine.
> Do you want to figure out the correct sequence of messages or write
> tests for wine's test suite?
I need a test that actually works.
>   Either way, it's a good idea to start
> with winetricks comctl32. After that WINEDEBUG=+message gives you all
> information you may need.
That's a really questionable thing to do cause you'll be looking at 
native module internals,
tracing what it does. I think it should be avoided.
> Also some message handlers use mouse coordinates from lParam, while
> others seem to use either GetCursorPos or GetMessagePos, so setting
> cursor position may be necessary.
I didn't think about actually positioning cursor, that could help, thanks.
> Regards,
> Daniel

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