[1/3] kernel32: Set GetLargestConsoleWindowSize based on screen resolution

Hugh McMaster hugh.mcmaster at masterindexing.com
Wed Mar 27 18:08:33 CDT 2013

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Subject: Re: [1/3] kernel32: Set GetLargestConsoleWindowSize based on screen resolution

On Mar 27, 2013, at 6:41 AM, Hugh McMaster wrote:

> This patch modifies the dlls/kernel32 Makefile.in to (1) compile a new source file (screensize.c) (patch 3/3) and (2) add -lX11 to the ExtraDllFlags line.

Ken Thomases wrote:

>> This approach is untenable.  Kernel32 can't be made to depend on X11.  It has to still work when X11 isn't available.  Also, X11 is just one possible graphics/windowing system that Wine can use, so it's not always the right authority to consult about screen size.

A fair point.  I hadn't considered that windowing systems such as XFree86 were still in use. I'm too used to using distributions running X11.

>>Eric Pouech suggested in the other thread to calculate the console window size in wineconsole, at which point you can use user32 and SystemParametersInfo().

(Discussion continued in other thread).

>> Finally, your patch series is broken in the sense that each patch in the series must still be able to compile.  You introduce a dependency on screensize.c in the first patch but don't actually provide that source file until the third.

So patches are applied one by one and then tested? I thought patches in a series were applied at the same time.


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