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2013/3/30 Hin-Tak Leung <htl10 at users.sourceforge.net>
> I think both are terrible translations but could not think of a better alternative off my head, so I went to consult google translate. It defaults to 運行時庫 for "runtime library" but allow me to choose a few other alternatives, among which is

> "執行階段程式庫"
> Don't you think that's much better!?
Hi Hin-Tak,
Thanks for your review.

I also think both "运行时" or "运行时库" was not best translation. But I have seen a lot of documents in Simplified Chinese translated it in this way.
Maybe it was not too accurate...
And in my opinion, "运行时" meaning some function, "运行时库" meaning a runtime library.
To be honest, I think a lot of Chinese translations of technical topics (or even not-technical topics) are quite poor, and little beyond a word-for-word substitution.

run -> 运行 ("to convey/process", the more common use of "run", of
                   'using your legs faster than walking' is obviously wrong)
time ->  时 ("hour", "during")
library -> 库 ("storage container", the more common use of "library" to mean "collection of books" obviously wrong).

meaning "the program/routine library of/in the execute stage" is quite a lot more fitting to what 'runtime library' actually means.

As I was saying, one needs to be vigilant about automated translations being 'not quite correct'. I suspect it is a much abused practice in China, so you see the same (mis-)usage over and over.

There are entire web sites devoted to poorly translated public signs in China and making fun of them. It is quite educational - one gets lazy and and accepts the occasional poor translation, but seeing similar but slightly different mistakes collected in a large quantity really makes one think.

2013/3/30 Jactry Zeng <jactry92 at gmail.com>
> I translated it as "高质量" meaning a picture have hight resolution. 
Here has a typo, hight -> higher .... -- 
Jactry Zeng

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