Fresh WineWiki Theme, Straight from the Farm

Kyle Auble randomidman48 at
Sat Mar 30 16:08:13 CDT 2013

So as usual, my estimate of how long it would take was way off, but
I'm finally done adapting the WineHQ theme to Moinmoin.

It's not perfect, but I feel it's ready to submit for switching over.
I've tested it in Firefox, Chromium, Midori, and Opera (briefly in
IE8 & IE9 too). I did do everything through Moinmoin's stand-alone
server, but while I know there always seem to be ghosts in the
machine, I'm guessing that Apache shouldn't interfere with layout

I mostly followed the WineHQ & current WineWiki theme for large
things, just tweaking the CSS to make it fit what Moinmoin spits out.
I did make more design choices of my own on the smaller stuff though.
After wrestling with Moinmoin's theme system, I was surprised how
many things are still hard-coded (at least as of v1.5).

For example, Moinmoin wraps some things in divs without providing a
CSS class for the div, just the child element. The fortune cookie on
the RecentChanges page & the edit page are two cases of that. The
dummy content in the search bar is another tricky one. It's set in
the javascript for the search bar (don't remember where it was in the
source tree) so I left that one alone.

One other tricky issue was handling overflows & RTL support. They
both seem to work ok in isolation, but go crazy when you mix them. I
haven't checked RTL in IE, but if you force an RTL page to overflow
in Webkit, it positions things based on what's actually in the window
(so the sidebar winds up floating in the middle of the page). Firefox
simply doesn't try to apply any of the overflow rules in RTL (which I
guess is nice in a Hippocratic sense). Opera alone handled things
exactly like I hoped.

As for the tables, I think they should display ok now, although I
don't know if everyone wants my exact values for paddings & such. The
old theme had some table-based layout that may have had conflicting
CSS rules, but I've div-vied everything up so the only table tags now
should be when Moinmoin itself chooses them over a div and well...

I've pushed all of the changes to my Bitbucket repo at:
The "refined" branch is the one you want although I expect that once
the code is hosted at WineHQ's git repo, it would become the new
master branch. At that point, I can just reset my repo to point to
the WineHQ one as the origin.

- Kyle

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