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Anyone want to patch the web site to take down the Google checkout button?



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Subject: attention all projects:  Google is discontinuing Google Checkout
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Hi, all:

If you haven't heard, Google has announced that they will discontinue
their Google Checkout payment service on November 20, 2013[1].  All
Member Projects must remove any Google Checkout donation details (e.g.,
links, applets, etc.) from their website by November 13.  You should
also publish an announcement or blog post letting your respective
communities know about the pending change.

Once Google Checkout is discontinued, PayPal will be the only online
payment service that Conservancy supports - at least, until we can find
another suitable replacement.  We're currently investigating other
solutions for additional credit card donation processing, but each
solution brings their own set of problems and flaws.  If and when we're
able to find another service, we'll make another announcement and send
around the information necessary to collect donations via your Projects'
respective websites.

On a separate note:  Conservancy has created [members-discuss], a new
discussion list for cross-project issues, like this one.  You can
register here:


Conservancy will still use the [project-reps] mailing list to send out
org-wide announcements to all of our Projects.  But, if you'd like to
participate in discussions with your sister Projects, feel free to join
and post to the [members-discuss] list.

Thanks!  Best, -Tony

[1] http://support.google.com/checkout/sell/answer/3080449

Tony Sebro, General Counsel, Software Freedom Conservancy
+1-212-461-3245 x11
tony at sfconservancy.org

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