Request for a possible inclusion of the Wineasio driver?

jordan triplesquarednine at
Tue Oct 15 17:48:40 CDT 2013

Hey Jack,

The biggest problem is that the ASIO API is defined in the asio.h
> header file distributed by Steinberg in their ASIO SDK, and that the
> license explicitly forbids the distribution of any component by a third
> party.  I imagine that this situation is not new to the Wine project
> and similar to other SDKs needed.  I have a header file which I have
> created by compiling the driver without including asio.h, and then
> typing in the needed defines and structures while consulting asio.h.
> The header makes the driver work in both 32 and 64 bit wine.

I had read about your header earlier this year in the wine forums and had
thought/assumed, judging by this post ~ that you may have decided to put it
in your repo (i see you have updated wineasio, recently)...Obviously, that
header is not there, so i am curious; could you possibly make it available?

I'd like to try out x64 version of wineASIO, being as i avoid 32bit / don't
use 32bit applications in Wine.

..and just on a general note: if there is a way to resolve/workaround the
asio.h issue, it would be fantastic to see WineASIO included in Wine.


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