Clang Static analysis

Ken Thomases ken at
Mon Oct 21 00:05:21 CDT 2013

On Oct 13, 2013, at 11:38 AM, C.W. Betts wrote:

> I have been doing a Clang static analysis of Wine on OS X using the one provided at and storing the results on my PogoPlug drive. If someone wants to see the results, please tell me and I'll set up your e-mail. You will need a free PogoPlug account to view them. While the contents are zipped, they expand to about 1.2 GB. They are displayed as basic HTML pages, so you don't need anything special other than a web browser to see the results.
> Or you could click on this link for the analysis of 1.7.4:

Thanks for these.  I've sent 3 patches for leaks it found.  Unfortunately, the rate of false positives is pretty bad.  I looked at about 25 of the reports and these 3 were the only ones that were real problems.  For a few of them, I could tweak the code to help the analyzer understand it, but I don't think we want such patches in the project. :-/


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