Wine Mono 4.5.0 Release

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Tue Oct 22 16:22:02 CDT 2013

I have published version 4.5.0 of Wine Mono on sourceforge. It's been
a little over a year since the last release, and I'm sorry I waited so
long to do it.

I have also changed the versioning scheme. The major and minor version
numbers will now indicate the highest supported .NET runtime version.

The source tarball is at

The binary is at

For developers, the source repository is at

Changes since 0.0.8:
 * Fixed build on machines using bash as their sh implementation.
 * .NET Framework directories now include mscorlib.dll (fixes wine bug #31888).
 * Fixed build on machines running Mac OS X. (Josh DuBois)
 * Added a security.config file to the .NET 2.0 directory. (Alistair
 * Microsoft's Managed C++ compiler sometimes generates broken IL code
ending in an unreachable ret statement. This code would be accepted by
the .NET runtime but rejected by Mono. Mono is correctly following the
spec in this case, but since our goal is compatibility we now accept
code that does this.
 * Building with the -t switch will now build runtime tests.
Previously, it only built class library tests.
 * Added registry keys to indicate the presence of .NET 4.5.
 * Added user-agent strings to the registry, which allow javascript
embedded in web pages to detect .NET.
 * Updated Mono from 2.11.4 to 3.2.3 plus some additional commits. I'm
no longer using Mono's release tags, because they don't seem to help
me find revisions that are stable or even buildable. Anyway, here are
some highlights of the changes brought in from Mono:
  * The new 'sgen' garbage collector has been greatly improved and is
now the default instead of the old 'boehm' gc, which in our case means
it's the only one shipped. It is an improvement over boehm in many
ways and should be generally more efficient.
  * Mono now has support for Portable Class Libraries.
  * Beginnings of support for System.Windows.Forms.AxHost. (Alistair
  * Added support for P/Invoke methods with the thiscall calling
convention, which are used by Managed C++ assemblies.
  * Improved IDispatch interface on managed objects. (Alistair Leslie-Hughes)

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