WineTestBot status update

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Oct 31 20:16:33 CDT 2013

The WineTestBot has a new Windows XP VM. Windows Update keeps breaking 
which prevented me from installing all the updates I wanted so I'll do 
some more work on it at some point. Currently it has SP3 and Internet 
Explorer 7.

I also redid the old Window 8 VM and upgraded it to Windows 8.1 VM which 
is exciting.

Btw, there are a lot of failures on Windows 8 and 8.1. Most of them 
also happen on my laptop, i.e. on real hardware (and a Windows 8 set up 
by Acer, not me):

That means there's a lot of work to get the tests in shape. If you know 
anything about one of the tests below your help would be greatly 

advapi32:security (2-4)
cmd.exe:batch (1)
crypt32:encode (3-6)
crypt32:sip (1)
d3d10:effect (4, yes same errors on 32/64-bit, VMs and real hardware)
kernel32:console (80)
kernel32:heap (20)
kernel32:locale (65)
kernel32:module (8)
kernel32:virtual (2)
mmdevapi:render (1 error in common)
msctf:inputprocessor (1 error in common)
mshtml:activex (4)
ntdll:path (2)
ntdll:pipe (8)
ole32:marshall (36-39)
quartz:filtergraph (crash)
rpcrt4:cstub (crash)
shell32:ebrowser (3-4)
shell32:shellpath (3-14)
shell32:shlexec (13)
shlwapi:assoc (1)
shlwapi:ordinal (25)
urlmon:misc (2)
urlmon:protocol (46-71)
urlmon:sec_mgr (17-20)
urlmon:uri (3)
urlmon:url (94)
user32:cursoricon (55)
user32:edit (4)
user32:msg (9-11)
user32:sysparams (6-7)
user32:win (11)
wininet:urlcache (17)
winmm:midi (32)
wintrust:crypt (2)
wintrust:softpub (crash)

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>              

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