[PATCH 2/5] wait until all data from earlier test has been written in test_waittxempty

Wolfgang Walter wine at stwm.de
Thu Sep 5 04:32:52 CDT 2013

Am Donnerstag, 5. September 2013, 17:54:58 schrieb Dmitry Timoshkov:
> Wolfgang Walter <wine at stwm.de> wrote:
> > > > +    if (res || (!res && GetLastError() == ERROR_IO_PENDING))
> > > > +        /* if data has been sent: wait for termination */
> > > > +        Sleep(timeout);
> > > 
> > > I don't see such a problem with real COM-port and serial-USB cable
> > > under Windows or Linux here and under testbot VMs.
> > 
> > Wine does that here (vanilla). I added this so that the NEXT test does not
> > depend what wine exactly does.
> When Wine behaviour differs from Windows one the test results need to be
> marked as todo_wine, and such places already have it.

I don't unterstand you. I didn't change the test case. It still above and is 
still marked with todo.

This change simply ensures that the next test is not distorted. If wine does 
not pass the test

"WriteFile on an overlapped handle without ovl structure should fail"

but instead sends the bytes we should wait long enough before starting the 
next test so that there are no remaining bytes in the tx buffer. Otherwise the 
next test will not test sending 17 bytes but much more.

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