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Charles Davis cdavis5x at
Fri Sep 6 01:57:18 CDT 2013

Hi Juan,

I need some advice.

Attached is a patch to fix bug 34388, where an app that tries to verify its code signature fails because Wine, while parsing the certificates embedded within the signature, encounters an item in the CMS signer info (tag 0x31, i.e. ASN_UNIVERSAL | ASN_CONSTRUCTOR | 0x11), right before the HashEncryptionAlgorithm sequence item, that it doesn't yet know how to decode. This patch (which just skips the item in question) allows that app to successfully verify its code signature and run, but...

My testing on Windows (cf. job 2037 on newtestbot) shows some interesting behavior. Windows will indeed accept this item, but only if the AuthAttrs item is also present and immediately precedes it in the sequence. (The other test bails out with CRYPT_E_ASN_BADTAG.) I don't quite know what to make of this. The odd thing is that the certificate in question doesn't have this optional AuthAttrs item, and yet (in most cases, at least) most people who run this particular app on Windows do not have this problem. I can't seem to find anything about this from reading the relevant RFCs. Is there something I'm missing?


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