[PATCH 3/6] user32: Export WINPOS_GetMinMaxInfo() as __wine_get_min_max_info() so it can be called by drivers.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Thu Sep 12 10:48:20 CDT 2013

Ken Thomases <ken at codeweavers.com> wrote:

> >> +@ cdecl __wine_get_min_max_info(long ptr ptr ptr ptr) WINPOS_GetMinMaxInfo
> > 
> > What's wrong with calling SendMessage(WM_GETMINMAXINFO) from the driver?
> Because I would have to duplicate all of the rest of the logic in WINPOS_GetMinMaxInfo(), too.

Do you really need anything besides ptMaxSize? In any way even duplicating
some of that code is cleaner than adding one more private export IMHO.


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