D3D command stream patches for testing

Forest winehq at tibit.com
Sun Sep 15 14:47:26 CDT 2013

>In the past months I have been working on a command stream / worker
>thread for wined3d. It moves most OpenGL calls into a separate thread
>to improve performance (bug 11674) and fix some bugs that are
>otherwise hard to fix (24684).

Thank you, Stefan!

I applied your patches to the Ubuntu PPA that I maintain for Guild Wars 2


I'm not seeing a spectacular difference with the CSMT patches, but I am
seeing a difference.

I ran some quick tests in Guild Wars 2 while standing still outside the
Lion's Arch bank, looking down at the forge with a moderate number of
players milling about and fireworks being launched.  Pierre Franco said
(earlier in this discussion) that he gets better results when running with
the -dx9single command line switch, so I tested with and without it.  Note
that I play with the WINEDEBUG=-all environment variable.  Here are my

CSMT="disabled", running with -dx9single: 15-16 fps
CSMT="enabled" running without -dx9single: 19-21 fps
CSMT="enabled", running with -dx9single: 22-23 fps

So, almost 50% improvement for me, which is not what I remember when running
natively under Windows, but is still a very welcome improvement.

I wonder if the 80%+ gains reported in other games are not to be seen in
Guild Wars 2, or if they're heavily dependent on CPU, GPU, graphics driver,
and screen resolution.

For the record, I'm using an Intel i5-3570K (stock speeds), GeForce GTX
660Ti (factory overclocked), nVidia driver 313.30, and a 1920x1200 display.
I'm running Xubuntu 64-bit.  My in-game options are:

Resolution: Full Screen - 1920x1200
Refresh Rate: Default
Frame Limiter: Unlimited
Interface Size: Normal
Animation: High
Anti-Aliasing: FXAA
Environment: High
LOD Distance: High
Reflections: Terrain & Sky
Textures: Medium
Render Sampling: Native
Shadows: Medium
Shaders: Medium
Post-Processing: High
Character Model Limit: High
Character Model Quality: High
+ Best Texture Filtering
+ Depth Blur
+ Effect LOD
+ High-Res Character Textures
- Vertical Sync

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