D3D command stream patches for testing

Forest winehq at tibit.com
Sun Sep 15 15:16:03 CDT 2013

>In general, this patchset helps more for mostly CPU limited
>applications than for mostly GPU limited applications. That roughly
>means that in general you'll see a larger difference on lower
>resolutions or with less demanding applications / graphics settings,
>and that you'll see a larger difference in cases where the GPU is
>relatively fast compared to the CPU. In applications that are mostly
>GPU limited, performance tends to depend mostly on the quality of the
>GL driver's GLSL compiler, or lack thereof.

Understood.  Guild Wars 2 is widely acknowledged to be CPU-bound, and
generally gets awful frame rates when running on wine/linux compared to the
same hardware on windows.  I look forward to seeing results from more GW2
players using these patches.

For anyone interested, a few players have begun to post their results in the
AppDB comments:

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