[PATCH 2/8] wined3d: Introduce a format flag for volume texture support.

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 10:12:42 CDT 2013

On 17 September 2013 16:52, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> Am 2013-09-17 13:55, schrieb Henri Verbeet:
>> I don't like this approach much. I think we should either do the
>> right thing right away and have separate flags for each GL resource
>> type (i.e., vertex/index buffers, renderbuffers,
>> 1D/2D/3D/CUBE/RECT textures), or just keep assuming they're the
>> always the same and handle the exceptions for volumes like a quirk
>> flag like WINED3DFMT_FLAG_BROKEN_PITCH. In either case this should
>> probably have corresponding support for ARB_internalformat_query2
>> as well, and I'd prefer "TEXTURE3D" over "VOLUME".
> I don't see what your intentions are exactly.
The point is that the distinction you're making here between volumes
and everything else is a bit arbitrary, and I think this patch as it
is will make it more work rather than less to move towards having a
set of capability flags per resource type. The advantage of the
alternative is mostly that it's less invasive, so easier to change

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