(try 5) [2/4] imm32: do not let ImmDestroyContext destroy any default contexts

Aric Stewart aric at codeweavers.com
Wed Sep 25 08:39:33 CDT 2013

On 9/25/13 7:09 AM, Nikolay Sivov wrote:
> On 9/25/2013 16:03, Aric Stewart wrote:
>>           defaultContext = ImmCreateContext();
>> +        if (defaultContext)
>> +            ((InputContextData*)defaultContext)->threadDefault = TRUE;
> I think a nicer way is to let ImmCreateContext() set this attribute.

ImmCreateContext is a win32 api so i am not aware of how I would signal to the call that it is a thread default window. If it is called by an application, not to create a default HIMC then it should not have this set. 


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