Increasing max_req_size and subsequent errors

Hugh McMaster hugh.mcmaster at
Mon Sep 30 07:04:19 CDT 2013

I need to increase the $max_req_size in tools/make_requests.  A new request structure for GetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx is 80 bytes and primarily made up of 16 unsigned long integers.  This is fine, but raises the error: 

wineserver: request.c:755: open_master_socket: Assertion `sizeof(union generic_reply) == sizeof(struct request_max_size)' failed.

It looks like this error is connected to

struct request_max_size
    int pad[16];

in include/wine/server_protocol.h.  But other than increasing the size of the array, I'm not sure how to fix this appropriately.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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