Wine test analysis August 6

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Aug 6 16:05:58 CDT 2014

Henri asked me to share my daily link; this page:
should redirect you to the latest results of my cron job that analyzes 
test results.

My cron job is hopefully only a temporary tool used to shame people into 
fixing the tests.  It's main features:
   1.  Limits results only to believed 'good' test bot VMs (which is 
basically all the production ones, minus the win 8 vm)
   2.  Looks for patterns (e.g. apparently fixed, sporadically failing, 
consistently failing)
   3.  Holds an annotation line

The goal is to have 0 failures.  My first step in that is to have each 
failure annotated, so we know who to blame <grin>.

The 'good' news is that we are back down under 30 - looks like just 27 
failures right now.

There are five failures not annotated in any way, and my link for them 
was blue, so they might be new and easy:

Any takers?



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