imagehlp: Implement (parts of) BindImageEx

Thomas Faber thomas.faber at
Sat Aug 16 07:02:08 CDT 2014

On 2014-08-12 19:34, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> But I've substituted a PULONG here for an unsigned long * -- is that
> wrong? Trying an unsigned int* instead gives a compiler warning...

The long type on x64 Windows is 32 bit, on x64 Linux (and most other
platforms) it is 64 bit.
To deal with that difference, Wine defines LONG to be int (and ULONG
to be unsigned int etc), which is 32 bit on all the relevant platforms.

So yes, substituting PULONG for unsigned long * is wrong, it needs to
be ULONG *, DWORD *, or similar. The compiler warning that you get from
the correct prototype would be because you're also using a (lowercase)
long when calling the function -- this also needs to be an uppercase

> Including dbghelp.h along with imagehlp.h unfortunately gives a host of
> definition collisions. From MSDN I know that some of dbghelp's functions
> are mirrored in imagehlp, but apparently something's wrong here in Wine...

If this works in PSDK, then a fix for Wine's headers is probably
preferable -- but I have no idea how intrusive that would be, so a
workaround like this could be appropriate for the time being.

>> Most functions I know simply do ((PCSTR)(DWORD_PTR)ordinal) to represent
>> ordinals (e.g. GetProcAddress). That's just a guess though, I know
>> nothing about this function.
> I don't know that much either about this stuff -- documentation is
> rather scarce. So the only way to find out is more tests, isn't it?

That sounds right ;)  (although a step-by-step approach should be
okay, so I don't think you have to implement this right away)

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