Wine test analysis August 28th

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Aug 28 10:57:23 CDT 2014

Hi Folks,

Good news - we've made progress!  We're down to only 25 issues.

I have now annotated every single failure:
(although some of my annotations are out of date).

It looks like the biggest win will come if Francois and Hans can figure 
out the msi timing stuff.

I think there are a number of ones that might be 'easy':
    Bug 35573, 35760, fails in certain locales
     I asked Jorg, but he may have a hard time getting to it.  It's nice 
and consistent...
     Nice and consistent; asked Misha to look into it, but he can't.
     Nice and consistent; I'd invited Frederic to work on this one, but 
looks like he could use help...

Don't be shy, there are plenty of consistent failures to go around!

 From there, I think nudging Jacek, Nikolay, and Huw will get us our 
next big set of wins.

Nudge, nudge, nudge.



p.s.  Reminder:  my analysis always shows up at

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