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On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 12:25 PM, Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:

> One of the failures is mshtml:events which has started ahppening on the
> 11th of August.
> What is mighty strange is that:
> * There was no change to dlls/mshtml/tests/events.c around that time and
>   testing with a pre-11th build still shows the failure.
> * I did not change the VMs around that time (or any time past the 3rd of
>   August). Also the failures started happening not only on some of my
>   VMware VMs, but also on the Windows 2008 VMs of the TestBot.
> * It does not seem that test actually accesses the network though I
>   may be wrong there. Could it be a change on the Wine web server (I
>   found no matching commit in the tools repository).
> * The test started failing on Linux (64 bit only) and FreeBSD (32 bit)
>   on the 15th which corresponds to the next commit round.
> Testing this Windows 2000 and XP shows that the issue is that the
> iframe_onreadystatechange_complete test triggers a 'You are about to
> view pages over a secure connection' popup dialog which blocks the
> process until it is answered, thus leading to the timeout.
> So given that nothing changed in the VM (still starting from the same
> snapshot), why did it start displaying this dialog on the 11th?
> Here's a screenshot:
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FWIW, I've noticed a hang with mshtml:events under valgrind (and when I
attempted to bisect it, previously working commits failed). I filed a bug,
didn't investigate further:

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