[PATCH v3 03/10] reg: Add system error printing function

Indrek Altpere efbiaiinzinz at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 12 07:06:39 CST 2014

Seems that the patches have reached the magical "1 month" limit where they
disappear from the list silently.

Last I saw, your patchset contained about 8 or 10 patches?
Not sure if the best suggestion by official rules/guidelines, but perhaps it
would be possible to add the new stuff in multiple, smaller patchsets,
instead of one mega-patchset?

It would mean that reviewers don't have to dig around in hundreds of lines
of code changes that change a lot of functionality, makes it hard to keep
track of all of it and review it thoroughly.
Many big patchsets have gotten stalled like that: reviewer notices a few
things, notifies developer, developer makes the changes, sends the changed
full patchset again, reviewer checks full patchset again, finds more stuff
in next files (or even the same files), notifies developer and so on and so
Sometimes multiple reviewers also cause havoc, because due to many coding
rules not being written down (http://wiki.winehq.org/SubmittingPatches
contains general and vague guidelines, but essentially 0 hard examples) and
each reviewer having a bit different viewpoint about what styling issues are
could-be or should-be, so sending a huge set will end up with responses
"here's about ~10 things wrong with your code" and like that after each

As I understand, someone correct me if I'm wrong, there is currently also no
active reg component maintainer, who would be able to review things quickly,
so smaller patchset would probably help things move along much faster?

About https://source.winehq.org/patches/data/107580 getting stalled, I have
no clue/opinion, does not seem to be overly complex?

Indrek Altpere

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