Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Dec 29 11:12:21 CST 2014

> My main agenda is to sit in the Xorg room for smalltalk. If there's
> interest on part of the Xorg developers I can give an updated
> performance talk like the last two years. If anyone is planning a Wine
> table I can help out with it, or talk to other upstream projects if
> anyone else here has any errands to take care of.

Hmm.  We don't really have a procedure for this, do we?  We asked 
Roseanne to coordinate finding events for people to talk at, as far as I 
recall.  I'm not sure what the plan was if people came with an idea, 
like this.

This will all need a 'blessing' from the Wine fiscal committee, but it 
certainly seems to line up with our stated goals.

Then the question becomes if anyone else (even non devs, maybe 
especially non devs) would be interesting in running a Wine table, or if 
we're just thinking of sending Stefan.

How about if we appoint Stefan in charge of coordinating this?

Stefan, when you have a more clear idea of who/what/when/how much, how 
about if you drop a private line to me, Michael, Marcus, Austin, and 
Alexandre for us to decide on the funding.



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