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Brock York twunknown at
Sat Feb 1 10:53:28 CST 2014

Hey list

I'm trying to find out why CS:GO is slower under wine then windows.
When running a benchmark in CS:GO Win8 gets ~134fps and wine ~51fps.

I've been following Stefan Dösingers guide ( and have
compiled wined3d for windows and tryed running CS:GO using wined3d under
win8 but it just crashes while loading the map. At a guess I'd say once it
trys to do 3D rendering.

Which brings me to my first question. How do you debug and profile wined3d
when using windows?
Because when every I tried to run a debugger or attach one under windows or
using winedbg the game just crashes when booting. Anti-debug techniques

The second being that when using perf under linux it doens't seem to really
be a wined3d problem
after all the effort of testing it. Attached is the perf output where is
shows most of it's time is spent in the actual csgo.exe code.

CS:GO under linux seems to have a lot less cpu utilisation under wine. Win8
65-78% utilisation
wine 48-51% utilisation of the cpu. Where should I look next for what's
causing the problem?

Also I'm really new to wine development. I'm still a uni student. Apologies
for anything
stupidly obvious I've missed.

Regards Brock York.
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