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> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 01:43:17PM +0000, Kevin Davies wrote:
>> Where would you find information on wine64 status for running 64 bit
>> windows software under OSX. 
> Information about Wine's 64-bit support and how to build it is here:
> There is some information about building Wine on OSX here:
> And some information about using Wine and installing binary packages here:
> You could also consider asking the binary package maintainers to provide a 64-bit version of Wine, if they don't already.
Neither of those links answers Kevin’s question about the status of 64 bit support on OSX.

I don’t know the exact details myself (Ken is the expert), but the answer is that it does not work, and probably never will. OSX has a ABI incompatibility with Win64 - OSX overwrites a CPU register that Win64 applications expect to remain untouched. Apple can’t change the ABI because there are already 64 bit OSX apps that expect things to work that way. A potential workaround may be to run Wine inside a CPU emulator like qemu, but that is anything but easy.

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