How to bisect the 1.6.x series of commits

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Thu Jan 2 13:01:26 CST 2014

I have bisected Wine regressions several times in the last year
following the cookbook in
Those bisections were for the principal branch (or whatever you call
it) of development. How do you do similar bisections for the branch of
development from 1.6 to 1.6.1?  I need the name of that branch of
development and how you specify it to the bisect process.  Sorry for
the git newbie question, but following the above cookbook has been
essentially my only git experience to date.

The reason I am asking about bisecting from 1.6 to 1.6.1 is I have
recently found some fairly strong evidence that there is an important
regression in behavior between 1.6-rc4 and 1.6.1. I have used Wine
1.6-rc4 with a lot of success as a test platform for MinGW/MSYS PLplot
builds and tests, but when I recently tried 1.6.1, my usual parallel
tests of PLplot software failed with an error indicating plot devices
(small dll's) cannot be dynamically loaded by the PLplot principal
library for that version of Wine.  (The problem disappears if I do the
tests sequentially for 1.6.1, but I obviously want to avoid that
method of testing because it doubles the test time for my two-cpu PC.)

The tests of 1.6-rc4 and 1.6.1 were quite similar but not absolutely
identical so I do have to confirm the regression in behaviour for 1.6.1 with
absolutely identical tests.  But assuming I can do that, then I still
have to discover if the problem occurred for 1.6.  If so, the
bisection needs to be an ordinary principal branch one that I am
already familiar with between 1.6-rc4 and 1.6, but if not it needs to
follow the 1.6.x development branch between 1.6 an 1.6.1.

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