My idea about new wine functions.

Bruno Jesus 00cpxxx at
Sun Jan 12 21:13:45 CST 2014

Hi, Akira.

On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 12:50 AM, Akira Nakagawa <matyapiro31 at> wrote:
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> 2.Dynamic translation using gettext on windows application.
> That is,in short,enable windows application to translate through Wine
> API although the applications don't support internationalization.
> This is how,for example.
> An application supposed to create new windows titled "New Windows".
> Then,wine receive string "New Window" and replace it to "新しいウィンド
> ウ" in Japanese or "新窗口" in Chinese.Most applications use Windows API
> to show string,so you can use wine to translate dynamically.

Reminds me of a very old program called lingoware that automatically
translates menus in "any" program.

> 3.Unite Wine settings(winecfg and uninstaller) to OS's control panel
> which wine runs in.
> (I want GUI font replacement configuration,too.)


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