shell32/tests: Add test for GetLastError in shlfileop

Zhenbo Li litimetal at
Tue Jan 28 07:26:55 CST 2014

2014-01-28 Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at>
> > There are many 'todo_wine' marks in shell32 test, and it really caused
> > bugs(like 34324).
> According to the comments and the attached hack in the bug 34324 the problem
> there is not related to the last error set but to the returned error value,
> so you probably should add the tests for that particular behaviour.
> > Maybe such test cases can contribute to further development?
> Adding the tests is good in general, but the tests should be added very
> carefully, and check something that real applications could depend upon.
> Adding blanket tests just for everything is a waste of time IMHO.

Thanks for checking that.
As MSDN[1] said, "Do not use GetLastError with the return values of this
(SHFileOperation) function."

I think wine's implement of SHFileOperation needs a big change.
Before hacking it, I hope there could be sufficient testcases to
help me understand that function.

I had to admit that I'm lack of experience, and I don't know
how to judge if a testcase is necessary.

Thank you very much.


Have a nice day!
Zhenbo Li

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