[1/9] wined3d: Make the card selection for binary drivers depend only on gl_renderer like it already is for the mesa drivers and remove the gl_info parameter from the select_card callback. (try2)

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 05:52:25 CDT 2014

On 15 July 2014 01:37, Andrei Slăvoiu <andrei.slavoiu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, I realize now this was completely broken, and patch nr. 3 was just a
> partial fix for the damage I done here. But how do I get the exact renderer
> string for those old cards? I guess from the comments that the original
> Geforce cards or either identified as "Geforce 256" or "Geforce DDR". But what
> about the Quadro cards? How do I make those less generic? So the easy fix is to
> just get rid of those old cards identified by such generic strings.
I'd probably let the cards that currently aren't matched against a
specific renderer string just hit the fallback code, since that's
effectively what was happening before. I probably wouldn't bother
removing existing entries, since it doesn't really gain us anything.
For what it's worth, you may also want to consider splitting this by
e.g. first getting rid of d3d_level_from_gl_info() in
select_card_nvidia_binary(), then in select_card_amd_binary(), etc.,
and try to avoid large series. I.e., first work on getting the first 5
or so patches comitted, then work on the next couple, etc.

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