[PATCH 2/3] gdiplus: Set outer pointer to NULL when image loading functions fail.

Qian Hong qhong at codeweavers.com
Sat Mar 1 21:45:55 CST 2014

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for comment :)

On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 10:50 AM, Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at baikal.ru> wrote:
>> +    *bitmap = NULL;
> Is there an application that depends on this behaviour?

No, I don't know yet. I hope maybe some app will be benefited from
this change. Any advice?

>>      stat = GdipCreateStreamOnFile(filename, GENERIC_READ, &stream);
>>      if(stat != Ok)
>> -        return stat;
>> +        return InvalidParameter;
> Probably GdipCreateStreamOnFile should be fixed instead (with tests
> of course).

1. I have some tests in [Patch 3/3] which show that the error code
from GdipCreateStreamOnFile doesn't match the error code from
2. I haven't found any real world app rely on return code from
GdipCreateStreamOnFile, so I leave those todo_wine there.
3. I haven't found any real world app rely on return code from
GdipCreateBitmapFromFile as well, I don't have strong opinion here.

What's your advice regarding the return code here?

>> +    *image = NULL;
> Same question as above.

Yes for this one. As the email said, 'Essence Securities.' depends on
this behavior.

~/.wine/drive_c/AX/2003$ WINEDEBUG=+tid,+gdiplus,+seh wine client_rzrq.exe

0009:trace:gdiplus:GdipLoadImageFromFile (L"") 0x329c44
0009:trace:gdiplus:GdipCreateStreamOnFile (L"", 2147483648, 0x329bdc)
0009:trace:gdiplus:GdipDrawImageRect (0x1d3ed8, 0x320000, 4.00, -3.00,
30.00, 30.00)
0009:trace:gdiplus:GdipGetImageBounds 0x320000 0x329bc0 0x329bd0
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000000 at address
0x7d33495d (thread 0009), starting debugger...
=>0 0x7d33495d ipicture_pixel_width+0x15(pic=(nil))
[/home/fracting/wine-git/dlls/gdiplus/../../include/ocidl.h:1221] in
gdiplus (0x00329af8)
  1 0x7d3440fc GdipGetImageBounds+0x141(image=0x320000,
srcRect=0x329bc0, srcUnit=0x329bd0)
[/home/fracting/wine-git/dlls/gdiplus/image.c:2158] in gdiplus
  2 0x7d3239ba GdipDrawImageRect+0xc4(graphics=<couldn't compute
location>, image=<couldn't compute location>, x=<couldn't compute
location>, y=<couldn't compute location>, width=<couldn't compute
location>, height=<couldn't compute location>)
[/home/fracting/wine-git/dlls/gdiplus/graphics.c:3146] in gdiplus
  3 0x0040f799 in client_rzrq (+0xf798) (0x0032e9a8)
0x7d33495d ipicture_pixel_width+0x15
[/home/fracting/wine-git/dlls/gdiplus/../../include/ocidl.h:1221] in
gdiplus: movl 0x0(%eax),%eax
1221    return This->lpVtbl->get_Width(This,pWidth);

1. The program pass &image to GdipLoadImageFromFile, while
image->picture is NULL;
2. GdipLoadImageFromFile of cause didn't load any image because file
name is empty;
3. Unfortunately the program didn't check the return code from
GdipLoadImageFromFile, and pass image to GdipDrawImageRect
4. Finally crashing happen in gdiplus because image->picture is NULL.

 (I have a test for empty file name which has the same result with
non-existent file, so I didn't add it to the patch)

>>      stat = GdipCreateStreamOnFile(filename, GENERIC_READ, &stream);
>>      if (stat != Ok)
>> -        return stat;
>> +        return OutOfMemory;
> Same note about GdipCreateStreamOnFile. And I don't think that's a good
> idea to replicate weird return error codes without actually getting any
> memory allocation errors.

The same situation here:
1. return code from GdipCreateStreamOnFile doesn't match return code
from GdipLoadImageFromFile
2. haven't found real world app reply on the return code yet.

Any advice?

Thanks for every lines of comment :)

Qian Hong


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