Re: fonts: Add Liberation Sans (SIL Open Font License) as an Arialreplacement.

Mariusz Wawrzyński mariuszwawrzynski at
Sun Mar 2 14:22:37 CST 2014

thank you very much for message. I do not know NET platform.
Dnia 27 lutego 2014 23:14 "Erich E. Hoover" <erich.e.hoover at> napisał(a):
The attached patch adds the Arial font (arial.ttf) using version
2.00.1 of the Liberation Sans font. The Liberation Sans font is
licensed under the SIL Open Font License, which is, to the best of my
knowledge, compatible with our other license restrictions. This patch
fixes an issue where several Silveright and .NET applications expect
either Arial or Verdana to be installed on the system (Bug #32323).
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