winetestbot day 1: Frustrating lack of personal blame, praise required instead

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 5 08:55:39 CST 2014


So I have started my once a day attack on

Summary:  049f08f4cda0	04 Mar  39 test failures on wtb
   * But the win8 wtb did not fire, so there are likely 38 more

The first set I examined were the Wine Test Bot Win 2K tests with 12 
failures.  This is a relatively new VM, and it has a new set of 
failures, not seen on the old test bot.

A number of the test failures: comctl32:listview, comctl32:propsheet, 
and a few others, look to be timing related.

So there is not a clear person to blame; in fact, it may be a qemu bug.

However, Nikolay, as the last person to touch the comctl32:listview 
test, has volunteered to look into this issue and see if he can get to 
the bottom of it.

So I cannot publicly shame anyone, as I had hoped, and instead have to 
commend Nikolay for volunteering.



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