Wine test day #2: an easy lob

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at
Thu Mar 6 15:03:36 CST 2014

On 3/6/14 7:55 PM, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> On 6 March 2014 19:38, Piotr Caban <piotr.caban at> wrote:
>> Unfortunately it doesn't work when ddraw tests are also executed. If so
>> dinput8 still causes mouse messages to be not delivered. It's somehow
>> related to windows still doing some work related to recent mode changes.
>> This case starts working if I add a 1 second sleep after ddraw tests. I
>> don't know what really happens here.
> Is this caused by a specific ddraw test?
I don't think it's actually related to ddraw tests. It's probably 
exposing some kind of race inside dinput8 tests. I was testing it with 
all tests disabled except ddrawmodes.

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