oleaut32: Resolve TypeLib dependencies with GUID

guillaume.charifi at sfr.fr guillaume.charifi at sfr.fr
Fri Mar 7 12:38:04 CST 2014

I have no certainty, and not even a test, but the Windows version of Skype
(which you know is released by Microsoft) tries to load a TypeLib named "uc.tlb",
which cannot be find in path, and even in the registry. In fact, this library is into
Skype.exe resources section, but it can only be found using its GUID (only the
GUID is present in the library, not the name "uc.tlb". In fact it is a unnamed library).
So there seems that two possibilities remains :
 - All the Typelibs of the executable are probed at launch (I don't think so, but...)
 - The Windows' oleaut32.dll scans the TypeLibs embedded into the executable
   and tries to match them not only by their name, but by their GUID to.

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 On 03/07/14 15:53, guillaume.charifi at sfr.fr wrote:
> Bug:  http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34184

Please send a test convincing that that's what Windows does. We already
have a typelib in oleaur32 tests, so this should be a matter of loading
it by GUID without having it registered.


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