Wine Test Bot 1.7.14 analysis

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Mar 9 21:13:53 CDT 2014

I wrote a script to analyze winetestbot results on all of the testbot 
vms except the win8 vms (they are just too broken to try to analyze 
right now).

I'm trying to get a handle on the nature of the bot failures; this 
current script looks for consistent failures (partly because a 
consistent failure that goes green is a win, and I badly want to track 

My results are here:

The short summary is that we have 38 current failures.  But we appear to 
have fixed 3 failures (at least on the testbot vms).  We also have 14 
that seem consistent (i.e. that should be more tractable).

I intend to use this to track progress and show status.  This result is 
arguably not that interesting; I'm mostly posting it now so I can be 
publicly shamed if I fail to follow through.



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