Fwd: Build a World - a sophisticated OpenGL Windows and Linux native game - can it be any help with WINE?

Mateusz 'DevSH' Kielan devsh.graphicsprogramming at gmail.com
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Subject: 	Build a World - a sophisticated OpenGL Windows and Linux 
native game - can it be any help with WINE?
Date: 	Sun, 24 Mar 2013 14:36:31 +0000
From: 	Mateusz Kielan <devsh.graphicsprogramming at gmail.com>
To: 	ulrich.czekalla at utoronto.ca

I'm sorry if this email seems kind of rushed (originally planned to send 
to wine-devel but didnt want this email to go public).

This is more of a loose proposition towards CodeWeavers rather than the 
wine developer community

We at "Sodan Design" are developing relatively complicated video game 
called Build a World

www.buildaworld.net <http://www.buildaworld.net>

We are soon going to release our linux build to our alpha testers, I'm 
the graphics programming and we had a native 32bit linux build since I 
started working on the game.

Now, I would imagine that you would very much benefit from analyzing a 
program which has *ALMOST* exactly the same codepath on linux as it does 
on linux (with the exception of a few things like threading).

Right now we use the following technologies (listing more unusual stuff):
--OpenGL compatibility
--OpenGL 3.0 extensions
--OpenGL 4.2 tessellation shaders through extensions
--OpenGL Geometry shaders
--OpenGL 3D textures
--Pthreads/Windows Threads with mutices
--google protocol buffers
--libtcmalloc (Linux)

And in the future:
--possibly ffmpeg
--OpenCL (definitely) - I gather this is something wine has hickups with 
(at least CUDA was difficult)
--OpenGL compute shaders

I'm sure you'd appreciate a good piece of crossplatform software to work 
with, and we'd appreciate the extra linux/windows testing.

Some forms of reverse engineering will be allowed in our EULA (for 
purpose of licence compliance with FFMPEG)
I'm sure if we CodeWeavers signed an NDA then we could hand over a few 
nice things like executables with some debug symbols.

Even without an NDA we'd be able to give a free game account to every 
CodeWeavers employee.

P.S. It would be great if we could get some publicity or at least some 
mention if our 32bit windows exe gets a platinum rating or if tinkering 
around with Build-a-World helps with advancing wine.

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